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My name is Jolel, and I work in the field of Psychology. I was facing some challenging moments in my life which I knew I should come to terms with but was unable to work out how to achieve this. Sue suggested I try some coaching techniques that might help. Sue did not force this idea upon me, and I did not feel I had to do it this way, as it was left up to me to decide.


With Sues help I began to realise the stress I was under and come to terms with why this was happening to me. Sue was very respectful whenever I shared a problem with her, and her interactions were non-judgmental and compassionate, which made me feel like an equal partner. To add context to this situation, I was finishing my PhD, and the demands on me were intense. Plus, I was also working at different jobs when then the Covid 19 Pandemic hit, which added an extra dimension of stress.


My conversations with Sue gave me an outlet to vent and talk through things. I know this knowledge has helped me grow in my personal and professional life. I realise I tend to let go of situations I cannot solve, accepting that I have no

control over them. These strategies were not explicitly pointed out during my conversations with Sue, but more developed over time.


I use these strategies today, which helps me and those around me. My intense responsibilities have not changed since I met Sue, but when I reflect on how I look at situations now and handle them, have.

Jolel, PhD student

Susan went above and beyond in my situation. I found myself in an extremely shocking, damaging and sad situation with my relationship. Susan was great with the both of us, especially me.

Her approach is calm, and she works holistically with her clients, which in turbulent situations like mine, is needed. The support she gave was incredible and I felt safe with her. Susan is one of those special people in life.

I would highly recommend Susan to anybody and I’m sure will at some point be seeing her again in the future.

Caroline, Hitchin


Sue came to me in a very challenging part of my life. I had a relationship fall apart as we emerged from the pandemic, and I was no longer enjoying my job as much as I used to. I was ready for a change – emotionally, physically, mentally, professionally and geographically – and the exercises and empathetic support Sue gave me gave me the courage to take big, life-changing risks. After five sessions, I have secured my first management role and am excited to embark on the next chapter of my life. 

The personality test Sue sent my way was really interesting, and I became a little emotional reading it, as it wasn’t what I thought I would be but it made so much sense! Sue helped me analyse my life and encouraged me to be kind to myself – something I was pretty bad at before our sessions. After our first session, I felt determined to change my life and stop being my own obstacle, and it was with her help that I made that a reality. 

I’m nervously excited to be a manager for the first time, but I’ve learned that the most important part of changing your life is to value yourself, as well as having those who truly value you around you. Sue is firmly in that category, and I will forever be grateful for everything she’s done for me. Highly recommend!

Heather, Bedfordshire


Having never tried formal coaching before, I was interested in learning more about the process and possible benefits. After starting, it became clear straight away that Susan, has a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge. Susan also has an in depth understanding of Neurodiversity, which I think makes her expertise stand out from the rest. It was an enriching experience to have a dedicated space and time to fully explore blocks to progress and strategies to increase my efficiency at work and in my studies.


Susan used an array of bespoke resources and activities to increase awareness of my skills and areas I need to work on. A thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience.

Katie, Central Bedfordshire

Hi, my name is Tony and I would like to share my experience that has caused me a lot of issues, depression and problems with alcohol. I turned to Sue for help after having counselling from various other people that just wasn’t helping. I came from a very dysfunctional family with two alcoholic parents and Sue took me back there and broke down the separate episodes ,then brought them together and helped me realise I was somehow taking responsibility for issues I had no control over. I am still working with Sue who is having a great positive impact on my life and if you have any issues or concerns, I would recommend you contact Sue and listen to her kind, understanding and professional advice.

Tony, Engineering supervisor, easyjet

“I  recently attended several, 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Susan Bartrop at the University of Bedfordshire (Luton Campus). I am also a PhD student at the UOB, studying within the health psychology section. Prior to that, I completed a master’s degree within Health Psychology in 2017.

I was experiencing some challenging times within my personal life and needed a positive influence as I had slipped gradually into a negative way of thinking. The sessions helped me a great deal. Susan's approach to conducting the sessions were professionally mannered, and she has a natural warmth of character that made it easier to be relaxed and open. Susan's commitment to our sessions felt professionally conducted, and each session was structured in a way to address and positively change the way I address my challenges. It filled me with a feeling of security as the sessions were always ended with some manageable positive steps. The whole experience helped me a great deal.

 Stephen Townsend,  MSc, Health Psychology, training PhD student

I had six sessions with Susan last year when had no direction or significance in my life. Every day was the same just sitting around procrastinating nothing to aim for, I felt lonely and the days seemed long, and meaningless. Susan helped me find value in life by gradually making little changes and gave me the direction and tools to help me through each day.

Now I find there are not enough hours in the days or days in the week to do all the things I want to do or need to do. I have found a new lease of life now with plenty of activity and ideas to keep me interested in, which has turned my life around. 

Stephanie, Caddington 

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