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My Story

'I think I have been coaching and counselling all my life'. 

Before embarking on my undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2011, I worked in the health, educational and teaching sectors. My extensive work with autistic children and their families, helped provide me with specialist knowledge and increased awareness.

During my psychology degree, I realised the coaching and counselling elements, deeply resonated with me. Therefore, I decided to take my passion for people and further my educational qualifications, enrolling on a post graduate coaching course in 2018. With my qualifications experiences and interpersonal skills, I am able not only to help on an individual basis but also with businesses. Allowing for individuals to thrive and be the best version of themselves; and business to have a more motivated and happier workforce, in what is an increasingly demanding world. 

Combining my educational history, career experiences, interests and personal qualities, into a role that is not only a job but my vocation, has been life changing. These experiences have enabled me to meticulously hone into a variety of different individuals, from contrasting walks of life, allowing me to build a rapport with my clients, which is both unique and empathetic. This has led to a deeper level of understanding of myself and others.

As a naturally compassionate person who has lived life to the full, I can appreciate the ‘ups and downs’ that life throws at us. I now feel I can embark on a new chapter in my life, using my skills and knowledge; to help individuals and businesses to deal with the complex demands made upon them on a daily basis.

The advantages of an external coaching psychologist can provide businesses, with a different perspective. This will enable corporations and small companies to identify areas of weakness in leadership, worry, anxieties and lack of motivation that exist within their own organisations. This neutral viewpoint can help bring about solutions and change for the workplace in those difficult situations.

Drawing on my coaching skills will additionally help individuals who are 'stuck' maybe in a career progression or a relationship, who just need ‘a safe space’ just to be, to think, and not be judged.

If you are visiting my website today and are feeling that this resonates with you, and that I may be able to guide you, your company or team, onward and upwards. Please do get in touch and visit the contact page.


Also please do watch my video, which tells you a little bit more about how coaching may help you.

"People don't only use a coach when there is a problem with their technique; they understand that no matter how good their technique is, there is always room for improvement."

- John Perry

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